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Лятна промоция – бърза светкавица в комплект от Хенсел!

юни 8, 2018


Capture dynamic moments with Expert D 250 Speed and Grand Mini 85!
From June 1 until August 31, 2018 we offer you a truly extraordinary high-speed flash kit*:

Специален летен комплект:

Art. 5130002

1x Expert D 250 Speed monolight (8390SW)
1x Foldable Softbox Grand Mini 85 with integrated Hensel Speedring (43220085)
1x Deflector for Grand Mini 85 (49004020)
1x Strobe Wizard Plus radio transmitter (3950)
1x Softbag-e transport bag (4205)

* This offer applies to the mentioned kit, during the promotion period of June 1, 2018 until August 31, 2018. The promotion listed here is fixed and not compatible with other promotions, special offers or other special conditions.

Защо избирате EXPERT D 250 SPEED?

  • Freeze motions thanks to flash durations times from max. 1/4,500 s to min. 1/10.000 s
  • Dynamic photo series without interruptions with 4,5 to 22 flashes per second
  • Enjoy the very wide power range of 9 f-stops
  • Control the unit remotely via mobile devices with the free ‚Hensel Remote‘ app
  • Create automatic cut-outs with the convenient built-in freemask function (additional freemask transmitter needed)

Защо избирате GRAND MINI 85?

  • Extremely easy & quick to assemble due to folding mechanism & integrated speedring – ideal on location
  • Create natural eye reflections due to the nearly circular shape
  • Get even more variety in lighting styles thanks to the detachable front and inner diffusors
  • Turn the box into a ‚Beauty Dish‘ with the use of the deflector

Период на промоцията: до 31 август 2018г.

June 1 till August 31, 2018

Are you interested? Попитайте за цена  – hensel@studioforrent.eu

Just get in touch with us!
Find your local Hensel distributor HERE.

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